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Our continued and ever expanding abilities garnered us unexpected national exposure in 1996 when we where named as one of the “Top 100 Landscape Companies in America” by Landscape Management Magazine. Almost immediately after this initial list was published it created quite a steer in the national landscape community. With this initial publication Landscape Management Magazine spent a great deal of time talking with some of the older more storied members of what was then called Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA ). This later became what you may now know as PLANET. After talking with these companies and other speakers and consultants in our fields they created a list of the companies they where most impressed with at that time regardless of size or revenue. Actually, we never even new we where even associated with the list until we where stunned to read about us in the magazine article and see our name on the list. This initial list is what you could read about and what we refer too on the web site and in some other advertising we do.  Because it did create such an uproar at the time… the magazine decided they could no longer continue producing a list that many felt was subjective.  It was decided that a list like this should be focused on on thing… and that thing was volume. In order to appease the industry, the magazine decided that all future lists would be based solely on how much business a company billed and, as such… and perhaps rightfully so…our name disappeared from all future lists.  Even still we choose to believe that this first, perhaps subjective view of us and what we where doing and continue to do for our customers, our people and the industry in general was something to value and treasure because of how the decision was reached in the first place.
Interestingly enough, in 2014 we where named to a new list by Green Industry Magazine in the October /November issue.  This list is called   “Landscape Industry Hidden Gems” .  In this list the magazine set out to identify some of the industry’s Hidden Gems—relatively “unknown” companies that maybe aren’t among the industry’s biggest, but are definitely doing great things and deserving of some recognition.  This 2014 list includes Pro Care Horticultural Services and 44  other companies that have been growing four times faster than the overall industry.  Some like Pro Care are actually “big” companies with more than 20 employees, but many are smaller.  ….”The common denominator is that they are really growing. Fast-growing companies always make for a nice story.  The companies on our list are also doing great things in the way of sustainability and community philanthropy—both hallmarks of leading Green Industry companies these days. This list is designed to highlight a variety of landscape and lawn care companies, regardless of sales volume, that have shown a strong post-Great Recession growth trajectory, innovative business practices, and a commitment to sustainability and community”…  While it’s never been our goal to be the biggest company in our field we have always strived to be a uniquely special and caring company driven by honesty and integrity.  We like to believe this new award and our continued success can be directly attributed these simple beliefs and attributes.


Over the years we have also collected the following additional honors and awards;

Recognition and Honor by the Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show for 1983, there 25th year
Commission for Downtown, Honor for Maintenance Services for American Legion Mall in 1983
Commission for Downtown, Honor for Maintenance Services for University Park in 1985
Recognition for our donation of our design services and Labor for the Ronald McDonald House in 1989
Orchard in Bloom, People’s Choice Award in 1999
American Horticultural Society, Environmental Award in 2003
American Horticultural Society Award for Orchard in Bloom in 2003
Indiana Flower and Patio Show, Garden of Excellence Award in 2006
Indianapolis Monthly Magazine Design Awards. Gold Award in 2007
Decorator Show House. Key Award in 2008
Decorator Show House, People Choice Award in 2009
Indianapolis Monthly Magazine Design Awards. Gold Award in 2009
Decorator Show House. People Choice Award in 2010
Decorator Show House. Key Award in 2010

Associations and Affiliations: 

PLANET, Professional Landscape Network
BOMA, Builders,Owners, and Management Association
INLA, Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association
ILA, Indianapolis Landscape Association