Company History

Our commitment to uncompromising world class customer service is something that we, as a company, renew daily. Each employee, from the office staff to the crew members, has a personal stake in furthering this company’s mission. Whether it’s a small or large job, our customers can rely on everyone at Pro Care Horticultural Services to give no less than their very best to provide outstanding results.

How do we deliver consistent quality results? We seek out and work with suppliers and other professionals who understand, and appreciate and share our level of commitment to excellence. We seek out great, caring employees and promote our finest to ensure their commitment to customer service. Finally, we form partnerships with clients, organizations, and businesses like yours that “Expect and Accept Only the Best.”

Our satisfaction in a job well done only begins when you tell us it was more than you expected. We believe it is this vision of uniting excellence and customer service that has led to us successfully helping clients, companies and organizations like yours meet their growing needs since 1974.



Mort Rolsky

Mort Rolsky

Pro Care was created as a family business in 1972 by Mort Rolsky, who at the time, was the superintendent of the Indianapolis Parks and Recreation. The company has survived and thrived under his knowledge and guidance. Mort Rolsky served as Chairman of the Board and oversaw the operation of the business and it’s growth with the direction of his son, Lowell Rolsky, the president, and many invaluable employees. To the Rolsky family, they are an adopted family. These are people we have come to share many experiences and emotions with, both good and bad. These people are the backbone of what makes Pro Care Horticultural Services so unique and different. This extended family makes the difference.
Mort Rolsky passed in 2004 but this plaque on display in his name at the office gives everyone who works and comes to visit Pro Care an opportunity to understand his character and the vision he had for his “family”