I like where I live and I can’t see myself moving, but I don’t have a nice backyard where I can relax or entertain. I want to be able to vacation in my yard. How do I go about getting what I want?

Lowell Rolsky with Pro Care Horticultural Services, a Design,
Build, Maintenance Contractor in Carmel answers:
Your situation is best solved by following a particular process that first includes finding a company that can be a single source for all your needs. Like Pro Care Horticultural Services, this company should offer creative -and unique design solutions that should enhance any and all of your own ideas, bring new ideas to the table and be all encompassing, with budgetary options or choices like different patio surfaces. Remember, you’re here to stay. Realize, if you can be patient you can have anything. You just need to plan for it. Once you like the plan, the best way to guarantee you get the true vision of what you were sold is to let the people who designed it install it. ·Whether it takes a month, done all at one time, or takes years, done in phases or stages, in the end you’ll get what you want.