Seasonal Annual Color Programs; Plantings, Installation, Watering & Maintenance

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Attracting visual attention to your property can take many directions.

Attractive architecture, lighting, proper landscaping and landscape care, attract such attention, however, no one single element catches yours, your guests or clients eyes faster than seasonal flower color.  The simple, sheer beauty of professionally installed and maintained flower beds, pots or planters, creates an atmosphere everyone can appreciate and enjoy.  Choosing colors and textures that compliment and focus attention towards specific elements, like signs, patios, or entrances, or whatever other direction you may choose, with our professional guidance you are in control.  Our weekly inspections, weeding and watering, by our thorough, caring, and expertly trained professionals, insures constant satisfaction for months of spectacular color.

Selecting different types of flowers for different seasons, such as spring bulbs, like tulips, hyacinths, or pansy, for either spring or fall with flowering cabbage, kale or mums, offers many colorful combinations.  All of this, plus the multitude of summer annuals allows you the ability to extend your blooming periods and provide opportunities to display different looks… different colors and textures.  At Pro Care Horticultural Services we combine a multitude of different looks to create everything you need into one memorable, eye popping, display of vibrant color.

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