Outdoor Landscape Lighting & Landscape Illumination

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Enjoying your landscape should not be limited by the daylight hours.  At Pro Care Horticultural Services, your landscape is a 24 hour experience.  Utilizing all available technology, old and new, allows Pro Care Horticultural Services to create different moods and atmospheres based on your personal needs.  Whether you want to light paths, walkways, steps or drives for the safety of your family or guests, or just enjoy the nighttime shapes and textures of your landscape, our ability to select and install the perfect product to brighten your life is consistent and timely.  Remote controls, solar or standard switching, low voltage, or line voltage, as well as a multitude of lights including LED’s, lamps and fixtures are coordinated and expertly installed by Pro Care Horticultural Services in harmonious balance with your landscape to exceed your every expectation.

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