Landscape Design & Architecture

images-Landscape Design and Installation-ldi_1.jpgIt’s important to remember that landscaping is a process.  It can be something that can be done in hours, days, months, or even years.   Sometimes it might even need to changed or adjusted just because of something a neighbor may have unexpectedly done that you had not accounted for or created a problem for you.  It’s also an investment… and investment in your home, your neighborhood, your personal taste and how you would like to be viewed by those around you.    You can be just another house in the neighborhood, “the house in the neighborhood” or anywhere in between.   When considering landscaping, it’s not just about plants.  Landscaping is about anything and everything outside your home.  Where the house is placed on a lot, how the drives, walks, and patios conform to your lifestyle and needs, how the land needs to be adjusted for proper drainage and privacy, and then last but not least, creating a planted environment that you can understand and control with minimal  maintenance and care.  Because of these things you should always remember that landscaping requires true thought at ever step.  In order to obtain the type of landscape you need it’s absolutely essential that you have a guideline that you can follow… either all at once, or in steps or phases that will meet your needs.  In order to obtain that guideline or map  you need to find someone or some company to help understand what your landscape needs may be and to figure out the best way to implement those needs in a way that makes sense and has real value.  You also need to find someone who can take your “DREAMS” and ideas to the level you expect… or better yet…to a level you never expected, nor dreamed possible.  It’s not about going to the nearest local landscape garden store where they are only interested in selling you what they have in inventory.  It should be about creating a relationship of trust and integrity. It’s about making choices and decisions that our always in you, the customer’s, best interest.  And, perhaps… most importantly, it’s about something as simple as listening to what you say.  At Pro Care Horticultural Services you can always trust us with your landscape desires, and you can always rest assured that we will always find solutions to your landscape issues, needs, or problems with whatever plans and designs you might need to turn your DREAMS into REALITIES.

We listen…plain and simple… that’s the only way to guarantee you the results you want!!

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